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Best Educational Podcasts in 2020 🎧

When staying at home during quarantine it is very easy to get too relaxed and spend most of the time chilling and having leisure activities. However, quarantine is not holidays so one needs to keep active and work on self-development. If books and online courses seem too heavy, it is the perfect time to discover educational podcasts that can be a good source of information on almost any topic.

Here is a list of some great podcasts that teach interesting topics and motivate to learn:

History Podcasts

Malcolm Gladwell, the host of the podcast, tells about significant but yet not very famous stories that had a great impact on today’s world. Learn about the unspoken or forgotten yet fundamental events that shaped the contemporary. 
For those who are interested in US history and presidency, this would be a great resource about the work and life of the US presidents. Do you know who are the four US presidents who received Nobel prize and what for? Start listening and find it out.
Who wouldn’t want to live in a perfect society? This educational podcast is about the history of the world’s most interesting attempts at creating utopias and the reasons [spoiler alert] why they all failed. 
The outstanding storytelling of Dan Carlin makes this educational podcast an amazing educational and entertaining resource. He illuminates in detail the history of certain periods or specific events in a way that creates interest and suspense. 

Lifestyle Podcasts

This is a weekly podcast hosted by two digital creators Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. They welcome listeners into their daily life for a special helping of the tea you’re not getting from their wildly popular YouTube channels.
Ashley Nichole and Taryne Renee answer wild questions from listeners about everything from love to dating to jobs to life’s most embarrassing situations. No question is off-limits!
David Dobrik, a 23-year-old YouTuber & Jason Nash, a 40-something single dad-vlogger, will take you bts of their vlogs and show you what living the YouTube life is really like.

Money Podcasts

It is an extremely interesting podcast about the clashes of big companies in their fight for customers, profit, fame or fun. Nintendo vs Sony, Starbucks vs Dunkin, Ford vs Chevrolet are all discussed in the show.
Lost in the world of the economy? Planet Money will lead you through it and will explain all the concepts in an easy entertaining way. This is a great source to start learning basics economics.
This is one of the most recognized educational podcasts about entrepreneurship. Tim Ferriss invites outstanding personalities to discuss business and life. The life hacks, attitudes, and habits that the guests share can be very helpful for business development.
In this podcast, the host, Grant Sabatier, and special guests discuss the concept of money and rethink it. They discuss the FIRE movement, mindful finances management, life, and many more interesting topics.

Science & Technology Podcasts

This educational podcast running weekly on BBC is mostly concerned with scientific trends and explaining some phenomena. From artificial intelligence use in medicine to overconsumption, this podcast touches upon the most topical issues and gives scientific, yet understandable explanations. 
Educational podcast offers numerous short specific podcasts in a myriad of topics. Any interesting scientific discovery is immediately in the 60-Second Science spotlight.
It is one of the most professional and well-known podcasts. With multiple voices, scripts that arouse curiosity and a wide range of topics, from conspiracy theories to the word choice in the 8th Amendment, Radiolab impresses its audience.
Show’s hosts Mark Taylor and Dana Perkins and their guest analysts from Bloomberg NEF review the latest research and discuss the hottest topics in science. Do you believe that electric cars are greener? Find out what experts say about it.

Self-Improvement Podcasts

Everyone strives for happiness. Why not learn to be a little happier? This podcast is about life and its various aspects. Guests together with the host, Dan Harris, share their life experience, give advice, and teach about what can make us happier.
If postponing everything till the last minute is what you often do and this behavior is undesirable, you are not alone in this. In fact, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. This podcast teaches the audience to embrace a positive attitude towards one’s procrastination.
In this podcast, Tom Bilyeu interviews his guests such as John Travolta, Cathy Bates, and Maria Sharapova and discusses their key to success. Based on the experience of those who made it, Impact Theory aims to provide the audience with powerful tools to achieve their success.
It is often hard to keep motivated on one’s way to success. This podcast aims to inspire by sharing the stories of people who were strong and perseverant in their self-making.

Arts, Culture, & Society Podcasts

The history of art is amazing since most of the artists are very extraordinary personalities. This podcast sheds the light on some of the most interesting, odd and surprising stories from art history.
Become a true pro in philosophy. This podcast will explain to you everything from Aristotle to Arendt in a comprehensible and engaging way.
A little spooky and mysterious, this educational podcast is for those who are interested in language studies. The host, Dr. Claire Hardaker, tells about real-life cases of how she solves crimes with the help of language analysis. 
The educational podcast by the two hosts, Josh and Chuck, justifies its title. It offers the discussion of the current situation, urgent issues and other important things one should be aware of. 

Career Podcasts

Two hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, talk about freelance, self-development, strategies to make one’s business successful. This is a helpful source of information for people seeking self-employment.
This educational podcast teaches how to develop professionally and earn doing a creative job. It will be helpful not only for people pursuing career paths such as designer or writer, anyone who wants to work on their creativity might find this Accidental Creative useful.
This podcast is a guide for the universe of the labor market. With the advice for the hosts and guests, one can learn to make better career choices and improve strategy for job search.
Lewis Howes, the host of the show combines in his podcast two interesting topics together – business and self-development. It is extremely motivational to listen to his famous guests sharing their stories and mindset, advising on how to be successful, run the business, make friends and keep the daily routine.