The Great Gatsby Summary: The Idea Of American Dream

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is one of the greatest American writers, who entered the history of world literature thanks to his wonderful novels about American life in the 1920s. Fitzgerald brought to literature, not only his talent but also gave many people a part of himself through his art. He teaches the readers the mistakes of his life, mistakes of his generation, and they carefully heed this lesson. With his works, we can evaluate an entire generation, and through his talent of storytelling, we live together with the characters of each story or novel. The main theme of his works is the concept of the American Dream and the American life that fully reflected in his the most popular and recognizable novel The Great Gatsby.

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Madame Bovary Summary

In the novel Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, a reader can find a love story and a story of lost illusions. Madame Bovary is a new type of realistic, socio-psychological novel. It became a prominent phenomenon in the development of world literature. The psychology of a writer is most evident in his ability to convey with the words barely perceptible emotional impulses and passionate movements of the characters. The main feature of Gustave Flaubert’s writing style is a deep analysis of heroes, the study of their souls and their feelings. His characters live in their own world, but each of them is endowed with their contradictory feelings. Flaubert gives special poetic features to his heroes, but he never separates them from the harsh truth of life. That is why his novel is still relevant nowadays and his characters can be seen today, and the reader may even find pieces of them in himself.

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The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Yellow Wallpaper is a short story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman – an outstanding American writer and a huge supporter of woman’s rights. The story is told from the first person in the form of a diary of a young lady, diagnosed with a mental disease and placed in a room with yellow wallpaper. The story was written by Gilman after she had postpartum psychosis, thus, it is considered to be semiautobiographical. The protagonist of the story symbolizes the struggle faced by women, who suffered discrimination and had no freedom of thought.

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The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Summary

Shirley Hardie Jackson is an outstanding American novelist and short story writer. Her life is deeply reflected in her writing. She wrote about everything that surrounded her and the way she perceived them. Jackson’s own life was not the cheerful mess that she described, but she wanted it to be. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a woman who wrote so charmingly of family life and so bleakly of life, in general, had a home life that was—at best—troubled.

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Everyday Use by Alice Walker

Alice Walker is an outstanding American writer, publicist, activist and feminist. She became internationally famous mainly as the author of the novel The Color Purple. Alice Walker is an important representative of African American literature. Most critics relate her works to feminism, but the writer defines her ideological platform as ‘womanism’. She created a term in order to distinguish colored feminists. For Walker ‘white’ feminism is just a pale copy of womanism, while a womanist has no prejudice against other people, especially concerning their gender, race, and class. In her works, she raises urgent problems of women in society and African-American culture in general. The paper focuses on Alice Walker’s short story Everyday Use and its main characters and the contrast between their physical and spiritual worlds.


A&P John Updike

Gender roles and equality have always been and still, are relevant issues in society. These problems are widely reflected in the literature where the authors create different situations and characters that reveal various points of you on sex equality. The good example of such a piece of literature is “A&P” by John Updike. The short story represents the relationships between men and women and their attitudes towards gender.

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Blue Winds Dancing by Tom Whitecould

Blue Winds Dancing is a short story written by Tom Whitecloud a Chippewa writer, poet, and physician. He was a member of the third-largest ethnic group of Indians but was raised in the Indian reservation near Woodruff, Wisconsin. His mother was white and his father was Chippewa. After his parent’ divorce he remained with his mother and lived in Texas. After finishing school Whitecloud settled on medicine as a carrier and entered the University of Redlands (Lauter).

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