On A Ship

It was like yesterday – 14th of April, 1912. I woke up in a dark room. The only source of light was coming through a porthole. Darkness swallowed me up and all the objects in the room. I had a panic attack and decided to leave this place. I walked along a corridor and entered a fancy ballroom. The orchestra was playing, the people were dancing and I tried not to show with my behavior that I do not understand what was going on.

Suddenly I felt a sudden jolt. It was so strong that it threw me out of my place and made me move three steps towards the wall so that a crystal goblet slipped out of my hand and fell to hundreds of tiny little pieces as it touched a wooden floor. A red wine spot quickly spread over the surface and soaked in it in less than no time. For one second, I saw, felt and heard nothing, as if I was blind, deaf and paralyzed. Then I felt the poundings of the heart gradually becoming faster, faster and faster; suddenly I was short of breath. I tried to breathe in with my nose but could not, as if the air in the room had soaked into the wooden floor as my spilled wine did. The room began to spin and blurred figures in sparkling evening gowns and black and white tuxedos started flashing before my eyes. My whole body – my arms, my legs even my head became leaden. I was suffocating.

Trying to reach a table for support, I fell on the heavy iron doors that opened under my weight and I found myself outside. In a flash, as a volunteer from the audience wakes up from hypnosis at the click of the magician, I acquired all my senses again. I faced a wave of different noises – screams, cries, and yells. I looked up and saw it. It was huge, enormous, gigantic, massive and just tremendous. Its whiteness was blinding me. It radiated cold, fear and majesty at the same time. Its surface was dissected by various kinds of cracks, uneven sharp edges. Moving so slowly and closely, it suggested the only one thing – death: slow, inevitable and painful. An iceberg. ICEBERG. This white spot on the background of the darkness of the night sky and the vastness of the ocean.