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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Interpretation

Quentin Tarantino is definitely a maestro of his craft. He is a director who cannot be confused with anyone else thanks to his peculiar style. It is impossible to say that any of his movies were bad. Given that there are only nine of them today. And this, by the way, also fuels the crazy effect of expectation, after all, Tarantino promised to make 10 films during his career.

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If he is already on the big wave of hype with the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, then to think of what will happen to his last one gives chills. But let’s get back to this year’s hype as it is well deserved. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is something completely new done byTarantino, which you do not expect to see from the director with a style that is easily recognizable. The film is both “Tarantino” and absolutely “not Tarantino.” But definitely, it will become another extremely pleasant discovery for everyone.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – What Movie Is About

In the courtyard of the late 60s, Hollywood teeters on the breaking of the good old traditions and the atmosphere of naive ideals. The assassination of Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War, the landing of Neil Armstrong on the Moon, the global sexual revolution and the heyday of the hippie movement. In cinematography, too, not everyone desired transformation takes place. Old Hollywood is changing, pushing aside the popular western films with gallant and invincible cowboys. In the film industry, the heels of ten-year-old traditions are being followed by the completely new aesthetics of Spielberg, Lucas, Scorsese, whose names you will never hear in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The story focuses on the famous actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). The first is the actor of the old generation who is no longer appreciated and acknowledged. The star turns into an eternal episodic antagonist in action movies, receives fewer offers in Hollywood, suffers from alcoholism and hopelessness, and also hates the hippies who have violently filled the States. All Dalton can count on is spaghetti westerns in Italy, away from the stars factory. Next to him is his understudy, driver, nanny, and simply cool, brutal Cliff Booth. His fate is similar to Dalton, adjusted for the fact that he does not receive work because of one rumor that he has killed his wife. Moreover, in the Tarantino style, the audience will not be able to reveal all the cards, leaving only hints.

Rick Dalton is a neighbor of one of the most famous couples in the whole world – Roman Polanski (Rafal Zaveruha) and Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). He is the new hope of Hollywood, a fashion director who opens a completely new movie genre. She is young blood, a beautiful girl, new talent, sex appeal, and style. On August 9, 1969, in the ninth month of pregnancy, Tate and her three friends were killed in her own home by the wards of maniac Charles Manson, the criminal and cult leader. This incident also became a turning point for the USA and Hollywood in particular.

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The Ode to Hollywood of the 60s

This is not a film about Sharon Tate or the two rabbit brothers Dalton and Cliff. Quentin Tarantino moved away from his usual plot chips, just making a movie about a movie. It was this era that influenced the director most of all. Tarantino does not need film critics or highly qualified film professionals. He is himself one and the other. He grew up in a complete cinema environment and made his way through the jungle to the stars. In 1969, Quentin was only six years old. But it is this year that the director calls decisive for himself.

The structure of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is somewhat reminiscent of a patchwork quilt connected by only two heroes. Separately beautifully interconnected episodes unfold before the viewer. Here Al Pacino opens Dalton’s eyes to the modern Hollywood realities and that same sunset of the era. Here’s a Pitt’s character, very similar to Chuck Norris in the movie Dragon Way, knocking out the still young and cocky Bruce Lee. Dalton, again in the center, receives approval from a kid-colleague on the set and weeps with happiness, almost deserving an Oscar. And here again, Cliff Booth takes the audience into an eerie episode, full of suspense to the eyeballs, on the Family cult farm. And so as not to get tired of these two faces, in the third plotline is the perfect Margot Robbie in the cinema watching her own movie. Snoring Margot Robbie, dirty feet of Margot Robbie, facial expressions Margot Robbie – that is the main reception of Tarantino (once, Uma Thurman was his muse).

Tarantino piles on the viewer all his love for this art, praising the ode. Banners, posters, cinemas, televisions, books, Playboy, celebrities scream with old names and references. And so that the audience is completely drowned in the era of the 60s – Tarantino piles on music. He does it beautifully that you don’t even notice how you start dancing to the beat. In addition to the most famous California Dreaming band Mamas and Papas, the director used 26 more tracks of those times – Simon & Garfunkel, Supremes, Vanilla Fudge, Deep Purple and even a song by Charles Manson himself. But no matter how much Tarantino shoved references to old films or old music, viewers do not have to be in the know. Of course, the cinephiles will fall into an orgasm from all this stuff, but it will be simply pleasant for a simple layman to be in the 60s from Tarantino because it is beautiful and elegant.


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cast

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt make a movie. If you ever had doubts about their acting talents (and we hope that you didn’t), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood again becomes a Tarantino platform for the two to win everyone’s hearts. For those who do not remember, DiCaprio laid out with sweat and blood in Django Unchained and Brad Pitt smashed the Nazis in Inglourious Basterds. Now they are together, which has never been before. Quentin Tarantino took the actors tested in battle and threw them into the thick of things, allowing to do whatever they want.

These two definitely have at least the right to compete for an Oscar. But Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is still mince from the stars. Margot Robbie, although she got a rather episodic role, looks just fine with all the naivety and beauty. Al Pacino, Damien Lewis, the departed Luke Perry, amazing Margaret Cuelli (and for her, Tarantino movie can be a ticket to the stars), Dakota Fanning, Damon Herriman, Kurt Russell, and others. Tarantino collects top starts for his movies. The cast of the last tenth film becomes an intriguing question and lays a huge responsibility on Tarantino’s shoulders.

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So, What’s Up With That?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Tarantino’s ode to his life and profession. No one else can love a movie like him. To such a conclusion you come by the end of an almost three-hour film. Reality mixed with unreality, Tarantino goes against himself, but still remains himself as the coldness and cruelty gave way to romance and sentiment. Therefore, to miss Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a crime against the third article of the Geneva Convention on Sinophilia. This is the best film of the summer or even the whole year2019. But is it Tarantino’s best movie? Probably not. It is just completely different.