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Survival Kit: Coronavirus Edition 👑🦠

The LiteratureFactory could not stay away from the coronavirus epidemy that grasped the whole world in fear and panic. We’ve decided to stay calm and help you remain serene as well and prepared a short guide of rules and things one needs to survive a natural disaster or an epidemy. Here is a checklist of things you need to prepare in case of emergencies, how to kill virus, and how to disinfect.

Survival Kit 🩺

Prepare, taking into account the composition of the family, only the necessary things and store in a convenient place so that they can be taken immediately in case of evacuation. It is very important to store things in a convenient form for carrying, so put things in a backpack or other bag.

Check your emergency preparedness. Renew your survival kit.
Regularly check things prepared for emergencies so that there are no problems when using them. Especially carefully check the expiration date of food, drinks, and medicines, and replace them if necessary. In the event of natural disasters, it may be necessary to live in evacuation areas. To do this, prepare things for emergencies that you will take with you during the evacuation and the untouchable reserve that is necessary for survival after the occurrence of natural disasters.

Survival kit - checklist to help prepare for epidemy
Survival Kit: Coronavirus Edition

Tips for spending the night in a car during an evacuation 🚗

Staying in a car during the evacuation, in comparison with other places of evacuation, allows you to provide private space and spend time in a warmer place, however, a long stay in a cramped room can lead to the development of an economy class syndrome, and improper ventilation can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you spend the night in the car during the evacuation, pay attention to the following points.
● Take survival kit with you
● Try to move as much as possible.
● Try to move your legs even when sitting.
● Drink plenty of fluids.
● Use loose clothing.
● Periodically open the window and ventilate the machine even if it is cold.
● Park at a sufficient distance from other vehicles.
● Turn on the air conditioner in the outdoor air intake mode.
● During harsh winters, it’s very important that you fill in enough gasoline.

How to Kill Virus and Desinfect 🧴🤲

You need to start home disinfection by isolating the sick person in a separate room (if possible) and thoroughly ventilating the room. This will reduce the concentration of viruses in the air and make it possible to actively carry out other disinfection methods. Such events are especially important if there are babies or pregnant women in the house, people of advanced age, for whom a cold can become a difficult test. During the illness of one of the family members, daily routine home disinfection is carried out. After recovery, a final and global home disinfection is necessary. This will eliminate all dangerous microbes and viruses from the apartment or house, without spreading them among the rest of the house. All methods of disinfection at home are quite simple, but this is no less effective.

How to Disinfect Your Phone Correctly 📱

As for the risk of catching the COVID-19 coronavirus, flipping through the social media tape and scratching the nose, then it also theoretically exists.
Not only fingerprints, moisture, grease and sweat from temples, ears and hair, food debris and dirt remain on the phones, but dangerous pathogens can also survive – pathogenic strains of E. coli, antibiotic-resistant staphylococci or streptococci, etc.

▪ Less scribble social media feed in public transport. It makes sense to use the phone less, in particular, do not touch the handrails and other surfaces, and then pick up the phone. If you don’t wash your hands and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth, pathogens can enter your body in this way.
▪ How to clean your smartphone? To clean the surface, it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth, warm water, and soap. Phone manufacturers recommend wetting the cloth in soap and water and gently (so that the liquid does not get into the holes) wipe all surfaces, after disconnecting the phone.
▪ How else can you disinfect? ​​You can also use alcohol-based disinfectants. For example, an alcohol-containing disinfectant, spray or wipes based on isopropyl alcohol. But there is a risk that they can damage the phone screen. The solution can be prepared with your own hands: from 60% water and 40% alcohol.
▪ There are even more expensive methods. Another way – special ultraviolet boxes. Such a device looks like a box or a case in which the phone is placed for a certain time, where it is cleaned with ultraviolet lamps. Such boxes are recognized as the most effective way to kill pathogens. However, it is the most expensive.