Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Interpretation

Quentin Tarantino is definitely a maestro of his craft. He is a director who cannot be confused with anyone else thanks to his peculiar style. It is impossible to say that any of his movies were bad. Given that there are only nine of them today. And this, by the way, also fuels the crazy effect of expectation, after all, Tarantino promised to make 10 films during his career.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt star in ONCE UPON TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (image from imdb.com)

If he is already on the big wave of hype with the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, then to think of what will happen to his last one gives chills. But let’s get back to this year’s hype as it is well deserved. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is something completely new done byTarantino, which you do not expect to see from the director with a style that is easily recognizable. The film is both “Tarantino” and absolutely “not Tarantino.” But definitely, it will become another extremely pleasant discovery for everyone.

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