After crossing a customhouse, we entered Finland. Immediately it met us with a cold, windy and rainy weather. The scenery corresponded to it with enormous expanses of dark coniferous forest, deep blue lakes, and swift streams. Finland embraced us in her tight and comforting hug.

The nature impressed with its pureness and gave a feeling of safety. A great variety of rocks on the sides of the roads created an impression of a wild and vast area, which virgin paths did not know a human step. Unspoiled fresh air fills in the lungs and it seems that it has a curing virtue – you breathe out all the negativity, hardness and bitterness of your life. Instead, you breathe in calmness, serenity and internal peace. It seems that there is no one here. The country is empty and we are the only who dared to plunge into this fabulous land – the most peaceful and quiet place in the whole world. No one sees you, no one hears you, no one judges your deeds, and no one prevents you from being all alone with your own thoughts.

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